Sunday, May 18, 2008

WE ARE MINDSTAR...Details from 1983

WE ARE MINDSTAR. There is a rich history behind this chsracter, but I have few drawings of him. He is a cosmic union of all of my other characters, in some drawings. Here are some details from a 1983 image, of some of my other characters:

SOLARIS: Lion of the stars. He used to have a lion's face, hands, feet, and tail, in earlier drawings. The important part was that he was a "living star."

WAVELORD controls electromagnetic energy, on a cosmic level. He makes Magneto look like a punter. Notice the water stain, which looks like a special effet, going across his forehead.

MUTE is the ultimate mutation. He can absorb mass or energy of any type, and manipulate it on an atomic level. Though he can speak, he communicates primarily on a telepathic level, which is how he came to be called "MUTE."

STARBORN is my favorite character to draw, and the water stain (yes, that same one from the WAVELORD detail) on this one looks kind of looks cool. Look for future "spacy" versions of this one!

Finally, a better version of COSMOS, THE COSMIC WARRIOR. The previous version of this I posted looks flat, compared to this one.
I will be posting the image of MINDSTAR from this drawing soon, and will post the whole drawing, once I can get a decent scan. These images were taken with my camera, and then altered on my PC. ENJOY!!!


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